Geometry & Perspective In Art With The Father of Modern Art – Paul Cezanne

Continuing my theme of artist influencers another hugely important artist for me is Paul Cezanne (1839-1906) , the artist many dubbed the ‘Father of Modern Art’. Cezanne moved through and alongside the Impressionists but eventually broke away with his unique vision in art and due to this new, almost sculptural approach to painting, became an […]

Precision In Art

"Classic Landscape" by Charles Sheeler

Influencers From Precisionism To Vorticism Precisionism was a movement that started to gather pace in the 1920’s influenced by Futurism and Cubism as well as its strong connections to Art Deco. One of its pioneers was Charles Sheeler, an artist whose work I much admire. Sheeler actually initially was a commercial photographer who focused on […]

My Artist Influencers – Japonisme

The next stage in the development of my artistic taste was poster art which led me into the work of Mucha and Toulouse-Lautrec and Art Nouveau, which still fascinates me. I was also interested in China and Japan, initially through martial arts, then I made the connection between Art Nouveau and Japan and started to […]

My Artist Influencers- M.C. Escher (1898-1972) & Bridget Riley (b.1931)

Exploring optical illusions and how artists have translated this through their paintings has always interested me. Two artists who are undoubted masters of this include, for me, M.C.Escher and Bridget Riley, both have fascinated me in my formative years. Escher with his scientific mind explored through patterns and Riley with her powerful talent to make […]

My Artist Influencers- David Hockney

As a painter naturally I have an innate interest in other artist’s work. Whether simply admiring their talent or being subconsciously influenced by their style it has all contributed to the formation of my artistic taste. Over the next blogs, I am going to write about those artists whose work is definitely on my list […]

Dare To Dream – Locations To Inspire For 2021

A new year begins and although the future is uncertain, I need to stay positive, so thoughts about planning new destinations are key. In this mode I thought about my trip to Japan a few years ago, a country that was culturally, visually, historically, and artistically a total inspiration to me. I’ve always been fascinated […]

Inspiration In Art

All the Riches of the World

We all need inspiration in our lives, whether this comes from other people, music or the flowers in our garden. These moments of stimulation keep us going, they keep our senses heightened and our brains working, helping us to appreciate the world we live in. Admittedly recent times have made positive inspiration more difficult for […]